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Modern living room with air conditioning


  • Cutting edge TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATIVE comfort air conditioning system at your home and/or business

  • Easy INSTALLATION without intrusive cutting and patching the walls or ceiling.

  • High efficiency and reduced noise 

  • INDIVIDUAL room temperature controls 

  • Remote ACCESS capabilities

  • Programmable WIFI control and monitoring off site capability 

  • No cross contamination between rooms (to prevent contagious virus or odor migration from one room to other)

  • No DUCT WORK; duct-work is a source of collecting dusts and creates environment for germs and mold to grow. Also avoid energy losses associated with duct-work

  • AHRI (American Heating and Refrigeration Institute) Certified 

  • Compliance with ETL and Energy Star Standards

  • R410A Refrigerant 

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Norton Air Conditioners specializes in cutting-edge technology and innovative air conditioning systems for homes and businesses. Our HVAC sales team can show you exciting AC options with features that make it easy to control the climate indoors. 


Our AC sales team can show you the highlights of different units, such as individual room temperature controls and remote access capabilities. Off-site monitoring capabilities are especially useful for commercial buildings since you can keep things at a comfortable temperature even when you are out of the office. We also have units that offer high efficiency and reduced noise. Heating sales are another specialty of ours, and we’ll make sure that our team provides easy installation without intrusive cutting or the need to patch your walls and ceilings. 

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We do not use ductwork in our installation process, because we find that ductwork collects dust and allows mold and bacteria to grow unchecked. It’s also inefficient and leads to energy loss, which can increase your energy bills over the years. Instead, we offer mini split sales for energy-efficient climate control. These systems prevent cross-contamination between rooms, which will keep viruses and odors from spreading.


Our company is AHRI (American Heating and Refrigeration Institute) Certified, and we always stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and advancements. Our heat pump sales team can help you choose a heat pump that will handle your heating and cooling needs.

Air Conditioning Sales

Our air conditioning sales team will show you a variety of energy-efficient AC units.

Heating Sales

Our heating sales team will help you find heating solutions for your home or business.

Heat Pump Sales

Heat pump sales allow you to get the most energy-efficient option for heating and cooling your home!

Cleaning the Filters

We guarantee compliance with ETL and Energy Star Standards, and we also carry R410A Refrigerant. Contact us today to make an appointment in the Hamden, CT area!

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